5 ways to generate leads faster and reduce your cost per lead

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Nearly 64.4% of people are now willing to click on a Google Ad when they arelooking to buy an item or service online. This free guide is the go to resource for learning how to run an effective paid search campaign. 

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Hello, I'm, Evan Ebert Your Account Specialist at Fannit

Most of the companies we talk with who are considering paid search as a marketing strategy want to learn how to get more leads at a faster rate than what organic SEO and Content Marketing strategies may provide them - or learn how to control their market share better.

Our strategy with paid search uses Google Adwords, retargeting (displaying ads to people who have visited certain pages on your site) and, in some cases, paid social campaigns. 

For the right level investment, paid search can provide amazing returns, especially when localized. 


Client Results Speak for Themselves

Dan Rawls - PPC Testimonial
Fannit marketing is accountable to sales and that's refreshing. We've experienced an 8% increase in click conversions that brought $130,000 in additional revenue for us in 8 months with growth in new markets. 
Dan Rawls
CEO, Precision Tree Service

Clean Crawls Results

  • Organic traffic increased by 132%
  • Organic keyword rankings increased 495%
  • Organic Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased by 52%
  • Organic lead volume increased by over 50%
  • Achieved a marketing budget ROI of 3900%

Community Health Center Results 

  • Online leads increased by 301%
  • Achieved a marketing spend ROI of 1040%
  • Improved the overall site conversion rate by 301%
  • Improved overall user engagement by 3.8%
  • Converted existing site to responsive site

ppc management methodology

PPC - Views


To get more impressions of your ads we employ iterative performance testing on ad campaigns or retargeting ads

PPC - Clicks


Increased impressions are one thing, but increasing click conversion is really what we specialize in

PPC - Leads


Using inbound marketing management tools we can tell you how well ads are driving leads from specific pages

PPC - Clients


We work with your sales team and process to improve on nurturing leads to increase sales and revenue


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