21 RV Digital Marketing Tips for Dealers to Get More Leads and Close More Sales

on Blog July 11th, 2022

If your dealership is facing increased competition, your best bet is to opt for effective automotive RV digital marketing strategies. That said, there are multiple channels that you can use to connect with your potential customers. It’s essential to understand the different approaches and how these work in order to get the best results.

At Fannit, our team of RV digital marketing specialists has helped dealership owners develop engaging online campaigns. In this article, we’ll share 21 digital marketing tips to help dealers generate a higher number of RV leads and close more sales.

RV Digital Marketing

21 Automotive RV Digital Marketing Tips for RV Dealers

Before jumping in into our RV digital marketing tips, it’s important to understand that all businesses are different.

In addition to boosting our brand, you also need to keep your buyers’ collective interest in mind while creating your promotions. Your company should also keep close inventory and ensure that shoppers get access to the most updated data. To achieve all this, you should avoid cookie-cutter approaches and create a tailored plan designed specifically to help your business.

Here are 21 digital marketing tips to help you sell more RVs.

1.  Focus on Local SEO Leads

Online shoppers now turn to Google and other platforms to find RV dealerships in their areas. These users know that search platforms will list local results in order to quality and relevance.

RV search engine optimization or SEO is a technique that can help you claim the top spots whenever there’s a relevant search on Google. This RV dealership marketing strategy can be tailored to any budget and help attract potential buyers from all demographics.

2.  Create a Distinct Email Marketing Campaign for Different Customers

No list of RV dealer digital marketing techniques is complete without email marketing. Email sequences can be used to inform audiences, promote deals, improve RV sales, and help your business build a great reputation.

Keep in mind that your email campaign should consist of many different sequences. Some sequences should be designed to advertise your best deals and encourage new customers to purchase additional accessories.

3.  Work on Your Branding and Tone

One thing that marketing on the web and conventional advertising have in common is the need to portray the right message. Make sure to work on your brand image and tone to ensure that you attract the right buyers.

4. Choose an Engaging Website Design

Your website is your online storefront. Therefore, you need to choose a site design that’s intuitive and engaging. This will encourage customers to browse your different pages and help Google bots read your site. Which, in turn, should improve your SEO site performance.

5. Target Your RV Marketing Content

Recreational vehicles come in an array of shapes and sizes, all of which bring unique features.

This is the reason why the buying process is different for each demographic group. You should take the time to decipher these patterns and create targeted campaigns for each individual target.

6. Establish PPC Ads Through the Best Channels

Organic online research marketing like SEO is effective, but it does take some time to produce results. Instead of relying solely on SEO traffic from search engines, your RV internet marketing strategy should also include paid ad campaigns through Google Ads and other relevant platforms.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Paid Social Media

Paid social media ads are technically a form of PPC, but many RV owners avoid this strategy because they believe it brings no value.

The reality is that social media is one of the best places to connect with interesting prospects. Most people use a combination of Google and a form of social media to learn about a dealership and the recreational vehicles in its inventory. This makes Facebook Ads and other paid social platforms extremely valuable, especially when engaging younger customer segments.

8. Curate a List of Great Social Media Postings

Building a loyal following that consists of a relevant audience takes a significant amount of work. To simplify the process, you should consider curating a list of posts that includes images, links, and the written content of each publication. The idea is to have ready-made content that’s been well-curated, which means that the time investment will pay off in the form of interested users.

9. Leverage Video Ads for User Experience and SEO

Many RV dealerships have found digital marketing success with video campaigns. However, the majority of owners are still against this technique because they believe it brings budget constraints, opting for other proven strategies instead.

The good news is that the production of high-quality RV marketing video materials has never been more affordable. Not only this, but search engines are starting to prioritize video content more than ever before, making it the best time to invest in this type of advertisement.

10. Boost Your RV Exposure in the Right Season

As an RV dealer, you need to keep your audience in mind whenever you make marketing decisions. This includes the actual rv advertising strategies as well as the exact time period that your campaigns will run for.

Make sure that you boost your top RVs through blogs, paid ads, and other methods just before the high season begins. Unlike cars, prospects in the RV industry tend to search for and purchase motorhomes on very specific dates. So, analyze your own purchase patterns to determine when your RV dealership has the highest sales rates.

Additional RV Marketing Tips to Attract More Customers

In addition to our 10 tips, here are 11 actions you can take to get more traffic, improve your content creation process, and get better results from your dealer advertising efforts.

  1. Take care of any necessary maintenance before listing
  2. Take good, well-lit photos that give a sense of the layout and special features
  3. Add as much specific information as possible, starting with the year, make, and exact model
  4. If there are known problems, be upfront, and make sure your price reflects any needed repairs
  5. Be clear about what items are included in the sale
  6. Research the sales market
  7. Consider what you financially want and need
  8. Remember to ask for positive reviews
  9. Don’t forget the importance of physical advertising
  10. Promote your RVs to family and friends
  11. Invest in high-quality visual content


Motorhomes have grown in popularity over the last few years. However, RV dealers need to outperform a large number of competitors, so these business owners need to implement effective strategies to help them stand out and connect with their potential customers.

If you want to learn more about working with our team of RV digital marketing consultants, get in touch with Fannit today and our team will be glad to help.

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