Why is RV Advertising So Important for RV Dealers?

on Blog August 03rd, 2022

Establishing and maintaining a successful RV dealership is a tough endeavor, so you need to have a great RV advertising plan in place. 

Your potential customers look for RV dealers through a wide range of online platforms, which has transformed the internet into the best way to reach your target audiences. But, if your marketing plan lacks the right foundation or optimization scheduling, you will never be able to achieve the top results. 

At Fannit, we’ve helped countless RV dealerships across the US increase search engine rankings, drive traffic, and produce sales online, so we know a thing or two about creating marketing campaigns for motorhome dealers.

In this article, we’ll share the top digital marketing channels you can use to promote your RVs, attract more prospective customers, and exponentially boost the number of sales you generate online. We’ll also tell you about our RV digital marketing service and how it can help you sell more RVs to your audience. 

Why is Online Advertising So Important for RV Dealers?

The best way to boost your RV, travel trailer, and other sales volumes are to focus on digital marketing.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, online marketing can be tracked, measured, and adjusted. This means that you have the ability to promote your RV stock, see what results you get from your efforts, and make adjustments while your content is still live. 

The best part is that these decisions are data-based, so they often have a superb effect if you apply them to your dealership following a wholesome plan to boost your sales.  

How FANNIT Can Help RV Dealerships in Advertising

A few decades ago, purchasing spots in a leading RV or travel magazine was the best way to promote your RVs. But, search platforms like Google have empowered your potential customers to make a decision based on research, which is the reason why many traditional RV print publications also offer digital editions. 

Simply put, the internet has become the best way to attract new customers to your RV business. There are many forms of digital advertising, but these can be divided into paid and organic strategies. 

Paid digital strategies allow you to reach RV shoppers through ads and other forms of paid content. Organic methods, on the other hand, can help you attract your RV consumer audience without having to spend money on direct advert payments. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to promote your RV inventory. Keep in mind that we’ll only include digital means, so this list won’t contain newspaper RV classifieds or any other form of traditional advertising. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click or PPC is the most popular form of online advertising in the RV industry. In simple terms, this strategy consists of purchasing ad spots and creating content that engages the audience while also advertising your dealership. 

Contrary to popular belief, a successful PPC campaign requires more than a paid marketing campaign. If you want your RV business ads to be engaging, you need to create attractive landing pages that help you convert users into leads. The idea is to convince users to ask for a quote or sign up after you drive the traffic to the landing page. 

At Fannit, we have extensive experience creating PPC campaigns for RVs, travel trailer models, and other common products found at a dealership. 

Google Ads

There’s a strong chance that every individual RV buyer starts his or her search on Google. While organic methods can help you conquer the top rankings in search engines, Google Ads campaigns give you the chance to place your content above the search engine’s results page.  

Putting together and monitoring a Google Ads campaign is not easy, especially if your readers are more engaged by articles. The good news is that Fannit has an experienced PPC team that specializes in RV Google Ads campaigns for motorhome dealerships.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is Google’s biggest rival, yet this Microsoft platform is a great way to complement your RV marketing efforts. Our team has been working with this platform for years, so we can develop extensive campaigns targeted to a specific market like Texas or promote additional services. 

Social Media Ads

There is no doubt that social media has become one of the best places to promote your business, regardless of what part of the country you’re in. In simple terms, social media platforms serve as an online magazine, business directory, instant messaging system, and media sharing outlet all wrapped in one amazing platform.

As with Google, you don’t have to depend on fully organic methods to promote your company on social media. Instead, you can create a social media RV ads campaign to help boost dealership sales and improve your company reputation. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook has more than two billion active users and this number shows no signs of slowing down. This platform is not only a great way to send users to your site, but it can also act as a sales booster that helps you promote specific RVs. 

The best part about Facebook Ads is that users share a huge amount of information with the platform proactively. Savvy RV lot owners can not only develop great social campaigns, but adjust their websites to ensure that their landing pages increase their collective success. 

Instagram Ads

The second-largest social media network on the planet, Instagram earned a reputation as a post-based social media channel. Our RV Instagram Ads service can help you promote your services and products to specific groups of consumers. 

Similar to Facebook, Instagram is a great alternative because consumers provide information to the platform, which advertisers like yourself can then use to build ultra-engaging campaigns. 

If you’re not familiar with promoting via Instagram, you don’t have to put a huge amount of pressure on your team. At Fannit, we provide a huge array of solutions to help our RV partners advertise through Instagram Ads. 

We ensure that our clients take steps to help them produce more money and know what to expect from every investment made. 

Ad Retargeting

One of the biggest differences between conventional marketing channels like newspapers and modern platforms like websites is that the former didn’t take advantage of previously engaged prospects.

Ad retargeting campaigns allow you to connect with users who showed interest in your services or content the first time around, but didn’t become a conversion. From a dealership owner perspective, having an engaged group of target consumers is great. 

Our RV ad retargeting will ensure that your business gets the most out of these interactions, even if the targets didn’t convert the first time. 

GEO Fencing

In the marketing world, GEO fencing is the process of targeting and contacting one or more target audiences in a limited geographic region. This usually involves ultra-localized campaigns that promote a local shop or solutions that are only available in a certain area. 

From localized YouTube video ads campaigns to ads that are triggered by the browser IP address, our team leverages a huge number of quality marketing strategies to obtain phone numbers from your potential customers. This, in turn, can result in better interactions whenever you contact a customer and increase the success of your entire marketing campaign.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a form of PPC that focuses on helping you sell RVs through rich media picture ads. 

Like other forms of PPC, display advertising ads can appear on different websites and target a specific market. The main difference is that creatives in display advertising come in the form of images. Having contact information is not necessary for the ad, but you have to measure your audience’s response and adjust your creative elements accordingly. 

Create Value-Oriented Content

If you want to boost your RV sales, creating content is among the best methods you can employ. 

Your prospective customers use a huge range of platforms to find new motorhomes, for example, Google, Facebook, and so on. Creating quality content can put a huge amount of stress on your internal team. But, the good news is that Fannit can handle content creation for your search engine optimization (SEO), email, PPC, and content marketing strategies, among others. 

Email Drip Campaigns

Did you know that email campaigns are still a very effective way to increase your RV sales? The idea is that the email campaigns you generate will send ultra-engaged users to your website or sites, depending on how many platforms you use to promote your RV lot. 

Video Ads

Video adverts sell, there is no doubt about that. 

As an RV lot owner, it’s important to ensure that the video captures the quality of your dealership. You need to ensure that the content published sends the right message and that the landing pages on your website are relevant to the content on your creatives. 

Ready to Create a Successful RV Digital Marketing Strategy?

There is no doubt that RV lot owners are always looking for ways to boost customer response, engage potential clients, and generate more sales. With that said, simply putting together websites that contain images of your RVs is not enough. 

In addition to details like the class of each RV you want to sell, it’s important to create content for YouTube and other channels. To find out more about how to achieve success with your RV marketing plan or what type of advertising services you need to purchase for your dealership, get in touch with Fannit today.

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