25 Website Must Haves Checklist

Our 25 Website Must Haves checklist is a concise, essential breakdown of the most important items you will want to think about as you work through your new web project!

The Abridged Guide to Website Design

Designing a website used to be a serious pain. Nowadays, companies like Wix or Squarespace have made it so even your grandpappy could probably throw something together.

But what good is a robust set of tools without a roadmap for what to do with them?

This handy checklist will help guide you through the design & development process on your new website.

Our 25 Website Must Haves Checklist is ideal for the designer, marketer, or business owner who wants to have something to refer to while going through the design process. This will help you make sure you stay on track with your new website design and think through all of the most important pieces of the process.

You will learn...

  • Importance of site structure in a new website
  • Thinking through your audience’s greatest challenges
  • Making good use of images
  • Understanding what is essential and what is fluffy content

Our 25 Website Must Haves Checklist is a time-tested downloadable in the Fannit Knowledge Center. Fill out the form below to get your hands on it and add it to your marketing arsenal!