The Ultimate RV Digital Marketing Playbook Tutorial

Not Ready to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency Yet?

We have put together a Digital Marketing Playbook for you DIY-ers out there who want to get as far as you can without the added investment cost of hiring a digital agency.

This tutorial will show you exactly how to make certain you and your team are addressing the 5 critical parts of digital marketing for RV Dealers.

5 Critical Parts to Digital Marketing for RV Dealers

  1. Lead Gen and Sales Goal Calculator
  2. Marketing Channel ROI Calculator
  3. Analyze Website Performance Like a Pro
  4. Manage Your Digital Marketing Team
  5. Using Weekly Tracker to Monitor Top 12 KPIs

Looking to Find the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

For those of you who are looking for help from a digital marketing agency and trying to find the right one, this tutorial will give you an idea of what we do when we work with our RV Dealer clients.

BONUS: Get Your Own Playbook Workbook

In addition to providing you with a Playbook Tutorial, we will provide you with the Workbook Template in the video that is used to keep all your digital marketing plans organized.

Yes, I Want a Digital Marketing Playbook

Did You Know

In any given year, only 4% of the people searching or clicking on ads online will purchase an RV (new or used)?

Hiring a digital marketing agency like Fannit is a good investment.

Our main objective is to help you capture more of those people looking to buy, but also help you attract more service revenue from existing customers and nurture relationships with the other 96% of people who are ready to buy now.