5 Elements of a Winning Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

on Blog May 03rd, 2021

People are always curious about ecommerce marketing tips, and rightly so. Not every company is Amazon, and we all need to get our name out there somehow.

There are certainly ecommerce marketing ideas that work and those that do not. To help you out in your marketing efforts, we’ve pinpointed the top 5 elements that make any ecommerce marketing strategy a winning one!


1. Identifying your personas

Knowing how many people are reaching your website is great, but knowing who these people are is even better. Identifying your primary buyer personas should be priority one in your ecommerce marketing with inbound.

As a refresher, ecommerce marketing with inbound is the process of attracting the right kind of customers for your ecommerce company. Doing this requires good knowledge of who it is that you will be attracting, so you’ll want to ask the right questions. Here are a few examples:

  • How well does this buyer know your product?
  • What impact does your product have on their overall life?
  • What communication channels do they prefer?
  • What are their demographics (age, gender, location)?

These questions will help you get started on painting an accurate picture of who is seeking your products so that you will be able to develop a winning ecommerce marketing strategy. 

2. A well-constructed website

If you owned a storefront, you’d want it to look appealing from the outside. Having broken windows, chipped paint, and an outdated sign would do very little to attract any customers. With ecommerce marketing, the principles are very much the same—only the storefront has been replaced by your website.

Taking steps to make sure that your website aligns with your ecommerce marketing strategy will be vital to your ecommerce marketing success. Design is only one aspect of the website, it’s important that the verbiage appeals to your buyer personas too.

If you’re looking to get started with making the world’s greatest ecommerce website, check out our eBook of 25 website “must-haves.”

3. Identify the steps that customers take leading to a purchase

Within the same vein of understanding the buyer personas, you’ll want to incorporate an understanding of the “buyer’s journey” into your ecommerce marketing strategy with inbound.

Generally speaking, customers don’t just show up for an impulse purchase without some sort of consideration process beforehand. Each transaction has a distinctive thought process leading up to it that influences whether the customer chooses to make the purchase or not. Ecommerce marketing depends on understanding this unique journey.

Look at the products that you’re selling to your customers, and see if you can answer these questions:

  • How did they find the website? (Google, Facebook Ad, other)
  • What products are the most popular?
  • Which pages get clicked on the most?
  • What offers or calls to action garner the most traffic?

The best ecommerce marketing tips that we can provide are to have as much insight into your customers as possible, so ask yourself and your team everything that you must in order to paint a vivid picture of who is pushing the digital shopping cart.

4. Set SMART goals

We’ve said it before, and we must say it again—SMART goals are instrumental to the success of any business initiative, and ecommerce marketing with inbound is absolutely no exception.

The reason being is that the SMART goals will give you a clear definition of what you’re trying to improve, give you a way to measure it, and hold you accountable to a reasonable timeframe. These are the undisputed cornerstones of goal setting; SMART or otherwise.

If you’re brainstorming ecommerce marketing ideas for inbound and need a little help setting your SMART goals, check out this great guide from HubSpot for some inspiration (and a free template).

5. Bringing in support

An ecommerce marketing strategy takes time and effort to cultivate and redirect. Looking within your organization, you need to be confident that you have the right support to help evolve the strategy and move it along toward your SMART goals.

While a single employee can help guide ecommerce marketing efforts, bringing in a support team to make strategic decisions for you can help you create a forward momentum that provides results. Inbound ecommerce marketing ideas are a specialty here at Fannit, as we’ve helped companies of all different industries bring their marketing strategies to life.

With a clear direction and understanding of your customers, there’s no doubt that your ecommerce marketing will be your winning strategy for growing your business. If you need more ecommerce marketing tips or just need help getting started, we’re here to be your support team!


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