5 Techniques to Effectively Improve Advertising Branding

on Blog October 12th, 2020

The goal of advertising and branding is pretty simple; you want to reach many customers, make
them notice you, and help them understand why they need your products or services.

But, as simple as this sounds, effectively achieving this isn’t straightforward.

Advertising and branding should never be conducted in a haphazard manner.

If you expect to see tangible results, you need to go about it strategically – the whole point of this article. We
want to equip you with the skills, tips and tricks you need to reach your desired business

Apply these five techniques and watch your business grow to the next level.

Perfect Your Niche

Your advertising and branding strategy can only be effective if it’s seen by the right people.

By right people, we mean people who are actually interested in what your business has to offer.

Which group of people do you want to address? Is it the young, elderly, white-collar professionals, or

Finding your niche helps you create content and resources surrounding your audience’s interests, likes, and
preferences. Your strategy will then be more relatable to them and, in turn, they will become more
responsive to you as a brand.

As a result, your chances of growth become much higher. Working with your ideal niche will encourage engagement, sell more products, and increase brand awareness.

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Create Engaging Visuals

Establishing your niche is the first step. But now you need your target audience to notice you. You
can never go wrong with engaging visuals. Start with a catchy, simple, but memorable logo design.
Your logo is your company’s point of identification.

Make the first impression count.

For an advertising brand logo, a well-designed graphic will make customers instantly recognize you. It
should be so memorable that it’s etched in the back of consumers’ minds. Then, each time a need or
problem arises, your company will be the first brand they will think of.

Over and above a stunning logo, make use of captivating images and videos to market your products
or services. Use catchy colors, filters and templates to get your audience hooked. Make sure and find a professional graphic designer to provide insight and get effective results.

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Take Advantage of Social Media

If you ever thought that social media was merely designed for millennials to showcase their daily lives,
now is the time for a mindset shift. Social media is one of the most powerful platforms you can use to drive your advertising and branding strategy.

With over 3.5 billion people using social media worldwide, it’s a platform that can’t be ignored.
Decide which one you’re going to market your brand from.

Is it LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook?

Making a decision on this will be easier if you follow the first step we covered –
clearly establish your niche and understand what your audience preferences are.

Which platform does your target audience frequent?
– Post on LinkedIn if you want to target executives and decision makers.
– Use Instagram if you want to target a younger demographic.
– Post on Facebook to reach a wider target audience of all age-groups because people as young as 18 and as old as 65 actively use Facebook.

Create engagement and interaction through your social media pages and remember to respond in a timely manner
to any questions or queries to show you care about their opinions.

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Create A Compelling Website

To increase your brand awareness or drive your advertising strategy, it’s important to create a
compelling website. 81% of customers conduct online research on companies before deciding to
purchase a product or engage a service. That’s why it’s extremely important for you to establish an
online presence. Aside from checking your company’s social media pages, customers also check your
website. Make sure you have one but note that just having a website won’t make you effective. Create an engaging
website that’s simple to navigate and has clear calls-to-action to increase conversions.

Include valuable information on your website like products, services, company background,
and values. Make the website captivating but also informative by publishing educational blog posts.
You can show your customers that you’re not just about the bottom line and want to help
them make smart decisions.

Having a well-designed website will help your company appear professional and credible in your
customers’ eyes. Both aspects make customers more responsive to your advertising and branding

Embrace Mobile Platforms

To improve your advertising and branding strategy in today’s digital landscape, it’s also key to
embrace mobile platforms.

Research has shown that almost 80% of customers use their mobile phones to make purchases. If these stats are anything to go by, it’s clear that mobile advertising is nothing short of powerful.

How do you take advantage of mobile advertising?

Firstly, make sure you DO have social media pages because most of your customers will access them via their SmartPhones. Also optimize your website by making it equally appealing when viewed from a mobile phone.

All products and services must be seen clearly and, most importantly, your website must function seamlessly on mobile
platforms. That means having fast processing times are key. Your products, images, and videos should
load within seconds to optimize the customer experience.

Remember, even on your website’s pages customers should be able to view your logo clearly using
their mobile phones. It should look just as good whether it’s viewed on a phone or desktop.

Wrapping up

These techniques will help your branding and advertising strategies yield positive results. But,
don’t forget to also look to advertising science because the only way to gauge whether or not your marketing
strategy is successful is if you measure it.

Make sure to utilize and analyse data metrics from your website and social media pages. This feedback loop will help you understand which strategy is working or which campaigns you need to re-evaluate.

Eventually you’ll be able to positively influence both your sales and branding tactics.

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Zaheer Dodhia is a brand design expert who has a passion for solving small business and startup
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expertise in graphic design and search engines has motivated him to spearhead several online
projects with tremendous success. He’s the mind behind the DIY logo design tool LogoDesign.net.
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