Sales & Marketing Playbook

This sales and marketing playbook is a recipe for companies’ salespeople and marketing team members to develop the skills it takes to predictably acheive sales goals. Enjoy!

Keys to Achieving Your Sales Goals More Predictably

Everyone who has been in sales and marketing knows that the first critical element to achieving great results is being able to clearly answer the questions who? what? why? how much?

Without a playbook and Fannit’s experience we would have never been able to identify and fill the gaps in our marketing capabilities. We’ve blown away our original sales goals – Grant Eckstrom (CEO, Emerald City Solutions)

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Sales Playbook

Do any of these describe what you and your team is feeling about your future ability to hit sales goals? You should download this valuable playbook. 

  • No Plan for What to Do:
    Our marketing has worked fine, but we have hit our limits. We don’t have a plan or the right people for getting to our next level and need help with a plan and execution of that plan.
  • Unclear How to Get There:
    We have our goals and we THINK the right people on the team, but don’t know where to start, what ROI to expect or what it should cost to get more AND better leads.
  • Need to Define Who It Takes:
    We need to re-define or define who we are, what we sell and who we sell it to. Most businesses go through this about every 2-5 years depending on a few factors.