What Is SEO Automation? Here’s a Full Overview, Including the Best Tools

on SEO September 23rd, 2022

Automation SEO strategies can help you enjoy all the benefits of search engine optimization while reducing the amount of work you need to do.

There are countless variables that impact your rankings whenever there’s a relevant search query. As part of your SEO efforts, you need to adjust all these factors, which include meta tags, your site structure, and many other elements.

The problem is that adjusting every single element can be repetitive and time-consuming, but these need to be completed in order to avoid technical SEO issues later on.

Enter SEO automation.

In this article, we’ll share the definition of SEO automation and discuss the role that artificial intelligence (AI) plays in this area of search engine optimization. We’ll also explain some of the tasks you can complete by automating SEO campaigns and share some of the best SEO automation tools you can work with today.

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What Is SEO Automation?

Let’s start by defining SEO automation.

In short, SEO and marketing automation is the process of setting up a system that automatically completes necessary tasks, which tend to be simple and repetitive in nature.

It’s important to understand that automation tools can’t be used to complete more advanced tasks. For instance, content automation SEO is not a possibility because users don’t usually react well to computer-generated content.

With the above in mind, there are still many areas where you can leverage automation technology. The key to success is to identify and automate SEO tasks that slow down your team, but are necessary for the success of your strategy.

AI in SEO Automation

Advancements in AI are one of the top reasons why the use of automation in SEO has become common practice.

From tracking keyword density to monitoring changes in rank tracking, AI technology is now used in a wider range of platforms, including most SEO automation tools. As a matter of fact, AI is already a part of the Google search algorithm as well as individual SEO platforms that are used to perform site audits, so it’s no surprise that this technology is now an integral part of automation software.

Now, remember that AI technology is not the only feature you should be looking for in your next SEO automation tool. You also need to find an automation tool that is compatible with your digital marketing task and that has the ability to automate the tasks you need to complete.

SEO Automation Explained

While it’s true that full SEO optimization automation is not yet a reality, you can already save a huge amount of resources by automating repetitive tasks. This includes technical elements, on-page SEO, off-page optimization, and search engine rank tracking.

Here are some of the areas you can currently apply automation in SEO.

Structured Data Markup

Structured data is now an essential part of every technical SEO strategy. However, manually adjusting every page can be resource-intensive at best.

Automated SEO software offers a scalable way to mark up the data on every page of your website without putting additional strain on your team.

Content Discovery

Google Search Console and Google Analytics are great ways to evaluate your current performance and discover new content ideas. But, analyzing each platform manually is not always an option.

Now, you can leverage automated tools that not only perform queries on search engines, but also reads the content on competitor pages to find new ideas.

Identification of FAQs

Similar to the content on your site, your FAQs section needs to stay fresh to keep users interested. If your SEO metrics indicate that you need new FAQs, consumers using automation technology to key you conduct keyword research and find new questions to answer.

An easy way to do this is to find innovative automated SEO tools, but consider purchasing the paid version of the platform you choose in order to have all its features available.

Image Resolution

If you’ve used a free SEO report or site audit tool, you’ve likely leveraged automation technology before.

But, in addition to performing an audit, SEO marketing automation can actually help you make simple improvements by completing repetitive, yet necessary tasks like technical SEO audits. Additionally, you can also automate simple adjustments, like reducing the image resolution in order to improve your loading speed.

Keyword Rankings

Tracking search volume keyword data and shifts in ranking is extremely difficult, except if you use automated tools. This includes Google’s aforementioned Analytics and Search Console platforms.

Besides allowing you to collect data, automated keyword ranking software can also help you track which pages appear on the first page of Google without requiring multiple tools.

Backlink Analysis

Relevant content is a good first step, but you’ll need to focus on backlink generation if you want to bring in organic traffic from local search queries.

Fortunately, you can now automate backlink analysis and set up the delivery of periodic reports directly to your email. Besides new and lost backlinks, these SEO reports can also include broken links and a summary of technical errors related to your link profile.

Note that you can automate other areas of your backlink monitoring strategy, including the analysis of both inbound and outbound links.

Rank Tracking and Competitor Monitoring

Tracking the rankings of your web pages is just as essential as any other digital marketing or SEO data. The good news is that you now have SEO automation software at your disposal that allows you to monitor rank fluctuations and receive notifications as soon as a change is detected.

An automated site rank tracker can also help you perform competitor monitoring. This practice has the potential to unveil the keywords, pages, and strategies that produce the best results for your most important competitors.

Site Monitoring

Core web vitals metrics need to be constantly monitored and automated tools can be a great solution to ensure that these key performance indicators remain steady.

Through an automated SEO analysis, you can discover slow pages, missing content, duplicate meta descriptions, and broken internal links.

Best Automation Platforms for SEO

There are several SEO automation tools to choose from, so choosing the best one is not always easy.

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. On the contrary, you need to evaluate your requirements and budget to find the platform that best suits your needs.

Here’s a list of the best tools you can use to automate your SEO. Each SEO automation platform has unique features, so make sure to research each one before making a decision.

  • SEMrush Position Tracking Tool and SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool
  • ScreamingFrog
  • SE Ranking
  • Google Data Studio

Want to Implement Automation In Your SEO Campaigns?

Finding the right automation platform can be challenging, especially if your budget only allows you to work with a free tool.

But, as long as you research the different alternatives and implement automation into your SEO, Google Ads, and other parts of your strategy, you’ll be able to cut down your workload without compromising the performance of your campaigns.

To learn more about how to automate repetitive SEO tasks, contact Fannit today.

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