These 6 Digital Advertising Strategies Outline How To Effectively Advertise Online (List)

on Blog January 12th, 2021

It’s no secret that the internet has completely transformed the way companies interact with their target audiences. Instead of seeing it as a luxury, customers now expect their favorite companies to deliver support and provide useful content through websites, social media platforms, pay-per-click campaigns, and other digital channels. Therefore, businesses need to adjust their advertising strategies and find creative ways to connect with their potential customers using the resources at their disposal.

At Fannit, we’ve been developing tailored advertising strategies for small and medium-sized businesses for almost a decade. Our team knows the importance of being creative and developing materials that reflect the quality of your services.

Let’s go over the best advertising strategies available and how these can work together to improve the results you get from your marketing efforts.

What Is an Advertising Strategy?

Before going over the different techniques at your disposal, let’s clarify the definition of an advertising strategy. In simple terms, marketing and advertising strategies define the approaches and techniques you employ to attract more customers.

There are dozens of different ways companies can attract new customers, but the best method varies depending on each business’ unique circumstances.

In order to choose the best advertising strategy, you need to look at our individual requirements as well as all other variables and create a plan that can help you achieve your goals.

For some companies this means building a strategy that consists of social media, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and other digital techniques that tend to be more cost-effective.

6 Types of Advertising Strategies You Can Use to Get More Clients

It’s true that traditional advertising attempts to build brand awareness through a variety of means.

But, these are often hard, if not impossible to track, so it’s impossible to tell how much they really affect a company’s bottom line.

For this reason, we’ll focus on online advertising strategies that can be tracked and optimized for better performance.

Creating an advertising approach for digital channels may require a certain level of knowledge. So, it’s better to take the time to understand what role search engines play in your customer’s journey, internal sales cycle, and overall user experience.

Additionally, to learn how to advertise online you have to familiarize yourself with the best advertising strategies available. Our picks for the most effective online advertising strategies include:

1. Web Design

Website design by itself may not actually be an advertising strategy, but there’s no denying that your site is the anchor for all of your online activity.

There are some exceptions, but in most cases, you’ll want to send users to your company website, where they can book a consultation, make a purchase, or complete another action you want them to take.

As far as advertisement strategies go, your website is compatible (and essential) to all of the techniques listed in this section.

Whether you want to boost brand awareness or attract more paying customers, having an engaging, attractive, and functional site will only improve your chances of success.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the most well-known digital advertising strategies because it can produce stellar results without requiring a huge investment.

Even if you have the perfect website, if users can’t find your content then your advertising materials won’t have an impact.

SEO ensures that your target audience can find your content through search engines like Google whenever they search for a term that’s relevant to a product or service you offer.

Organic traffic consists of visitors that find your content naturally using search platforms and these users tend to be more engaged, which are free and tend to yield higher conversion rates. Plus, you can analyze how users interact with your content and make improvements to engage your target audience even more.

This is the reason why SEO is among the most valuable and popular types of digital marketing strategy available today.

Just keep in mind that SEO is a gradual process, so it may take some time before you can set up a consistent stream of business.

3. Pay-Per-Click

PPC advertising campaigns can be created on a variety of platforms, but Google Ads is the largest and most reliable alternative.

That said, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels also allow you to run PPC ad campaigns that are similar to Google’s but don’t have the search engine’s reach.

Pay-per-click ads represent an immediate investment because you have to pay for each interaction or for a certain number of impressions.

That said, if you design your campaign and ad strategies correctly, you can produce revenue as soon as your content goes live.

In Google, you’ll be able to run a few types of ads. In our experience, text-based ads that appear in search results tend to provide the best chances of success for most businesses. This may vary depending on your specific case.

So, instead of taking this as a fact, you should evaluate additional formats and ad placement options if you think these can benefit your business.

4. Social Media Marketing

Once viewed as solely publishing platforms, social media channels have become an integral part of any online advertising strategy.

In simple terms, social media marketing encompasses both organic and paid strategies that involve Facebook, Twitter as well as any other similar platforms.

Companies can leverage the information found on each customer profile to develop a marketing plan that has a higher chance of engaging the target audience.

One of the best things about social media is that it lets companies connect with their audiences in a friendly, non-threatening way.

Even a paid ad campaign can generate a significant amount of social media engagement when compared to traditional methods.

Plus, consumers willingly share a huge amount of information with Facebook and other networks, so you can develop content specifically for your target audience and make sure that these users see these materials.

5. Inbound and Content Marketing

Inbound and content marketing are actually two different techniques, but they are both among the most effective advertising strategies available today.

In simple terms, inbound marketing is a philosophy that aims to promote your product or service to people that have shown interest in these solutions.

It’s known as a customer-centric approach because it focuses on delivering an awesome experience, rather than simply trying to sell your goods to random people.

Your content marketing strategy should be a part of your overall inbound plan. As the name suggests, content marketing focuses on developing advertising materials (or content) that deliver value to your customers.

The main goal is to publish blogs and other pieces of content that answer common customer questions and encourage users to contact your company.

6. Email Marketing

You’ve probably heard about email marketing because it’s almost as old as the internet itself.

And, even though this technique has earned an unwarranted bad reputation, it’s actually one of the best digital marketing strategies you can use to take advantage of every name, email, and website you collect through form templates on your site.

The key to developing great email marketing materials is to know your audience.

For instance, if your company’s main product or service is targeted towards B2B clients, you need to use language and develop graphics that attract decision-makers within the organizations you want to work with.

This is the only way to build a truly effective advertising plan for email, so take the time to study your audience and understand the context that your potential customers find themselves in.

Are There Any Other Online Marketing Strategies Companies Use Today?

The advertising strategies list above features some of the most commonly used techniques today. But, it’s by no means an absolute list.

As a matter of fact, there are many different types of online marketing strategies and hundreds of combinations you can employ to boost your company’s performance.

Although these are not necessarily among the most popular, we’ve also listed a few additional techniques that you can implement to your overall advertising strategy as well.

Keep in mind that these may only be suitable for certain scenarios, so you have to understand the potential for success as well as the process you need to follow to succeed with one of these techniques.

Local SEO and Location Advertising

It’s one thing to focus on optimizing your site for search engines and another to work on local SEO.

When users perform searches that contain location terms, Google calculates the results pages slightly differently.

In most cases, people that include a location term like the name of a city are looking for results in that specific area.

But, optimizing for local SEO goes beyond implementing certain city names.

As a business owner, you also have to familiarize yourself with the different listing sites and review platforms that are relevant to your company.

Not only should you claim these profiles, but you should also ensure that the information included in them is up-to-date and available to any potential target consumers in your service area.

Amazon and Ecommerce Advertising

While Google may be one of the top places to generate leads and drum up business at a low cost, ecommerce companies may also want to find additional ways to connect with their audience. Amazon is among the most popular ecommerce platforms out there.

So, placing products on this platform and boosting the visibility of these goods can exponentially improve your results.

There are some tools that specialize in helping you boost the performance of your Amazon product listings, but these are relatively limited when compared to other types of marketing tools. G

etting support from a reliable agency that can develop an effective advertising plan may be the best alternative for your company. That said, you need to take the time and find an inbound marketing agency that can promote your products while also building a good image for your brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where the companies promoting their services (the advertiser) pays a small commission to independent marketers (affiliates) for every sale they produce.

Also referred to as influencer marketing or affiliate advertising, this technique can significantly increase your revenue without too much additional work. B

ut, keep in mind that you’re not in control of how affiliates acquire your customers, so you need to ensure that you only work with reliable marketers.

One of the reasons why affiliate marketing is effective is because this strategy employs PPC, organic, and other additional techniques to attract interested people.

As long as the target market definition is clear and that all the parameters are in place, your team of affiliates should be able to produce a steady stream of engaged leads.

Choosing the Best Type of Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Every single business is different.

So, choosing the best type of advertising campaign for your company requires a tailored approach that takes all potential variables into consideration.

Besides your product and current ads, you also have to determine how you will track your ad strategies to make sure they’re delivering optimal results.

Hiring advertising services is always a good alternative because a professional company can help you develop a custom advertising and marketing plan.

But, if you work with an advertising service firm, remember to go over the product assessment, initial social media analysis, and other necessary steps with your partner.

This will help ensure that your goals align with the activities your advertising agency puts in place.

In order to choose the best advertising strategies, you have to:

Keep Your Requirements in Mind

The very first step you need to take when planning your business advertising campaigns is to write down your requirements and keep them in mind before starting.

For instance, if you sell flowers and similar items, using aggressive advertising techniques may scare off customers and create a negative image for your company.

Which, in turn, can negatively affect whether you achieve your objectives or not.

To avoid using techniques that may interfere with the ultimate goal, make a note of the type of connection you want to build before you start developing video ads and other materials.

Assess Your Resources

In an ideal world, all marketers would have a large enough budget to invest in a balanced marketing model that includes video ads, social media, search engine marketing, and other effective techniques.

However, this isn’t always the case.

To set yourself up for success, you need to determine what resources you have available and how these can encourage potential customers to take certain actions.

Create a Set of Objectives

Now that you have a good idea of the requirements you need and the objectives you want to achieve, you can create a set of objectives for your ad campaign.

Remember, you want to set up both short and long-term objectives and how you will achieve them. For example, if you want to reach the first page of Google search results, you also need to include the steps you’ll take to make it there.

All businesses require a unique set of goals, so take the time and analyze your current performance. Don’t set your aim too high or you’ll be setting up yourself for failure.

A simple way to establish your goals is to think about what you want from your site (leads or sales?) and then figure out how you can convince every potential customer to follow this path.

Identify the Target Audience

Your company’s target audience is the group of potential customers you want to reach with your business marketing content.

If you’re having difficulties determining what type of customer you want to attract, look at your current clients. Which ones are the most profitable? How did you attract these clients in the first place? This information should give you a good idea of the demographics you want to attract and how to capture your audience’s attention through advertising campaigns.

Develop an Organized Plan

The main difference between modern and traditional marketing is that conventional techniques don’t always allow for an organized approach.

Digital marketing and advertising can help you generate leads for your company in a predictable and organized fashion.

Instead of developing content and simply hoping it delivers results, you should conduct extensive research, identify the topics that your customers are most interested in, and leverage this data to produce a detailed plan to promote your business.

Gauge Your Reputation

It’s always easier to achieve your advertising goals if you’re well aware of how customers see your company.

Instead of assuming that you have a good reputation, you should run social media surveys or send out a questionnaire to each email address on your database to understand how your business and website are perceived.

As a matter of fact, companies that have a bad website or a poor reputation will need to focus more on creating a better image through their advertising before they can start generating higher revenue.

Keep Seasonality and Timing in Mind

The time of the year can also have a major impact on the popularity of your products and services.

Make sure to consider the time of year you want to launch your ad campaign and develop promotional materials that may boost your results.

For example, if you’re thinking about launching your website campaign at the end of the year, you may want to develop holiday graphics that feature elements your audience finds appealing.

Test Different Combinations

There are many different techniques you can test on your website and other areas of your business.

There is no perfect marketing strategy model, so you need to test out the different alternatives and combinations until you find the one that produces the best results.

This includes everything, from adding a form throughout your site to developing paid ads and changing your pricing scheme to see how it all affects your strategy results.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in the Cavalry

Creating an online marketing strategy from scratch requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and knowledge.

It can take months or even years to learn how to develop ads that motivate users to take certain actions.

In fact, many companies try to keep their marketing model and overall strategy development in-house without ever finding that sweet spot.

If you don’t have the time or resources to develop an ads strategy by yourself, don’t be afraid to contact a professional agency.

If you work with a company that specializes in creating custom online advertising strategies, you’ll start enjoying great results without having to master the art of marketing overnight.

Want to Build a Custom Marketing Strategy? We’re Here to Help

At Fannit, we know that having a website that transmits your advertising message properly is the difference between becoming successful and struggling to find clients.

Although your service and product pricing affects the success of your ad campaigns, having tailored marketing materials can exponentially increase your chances of getting more customers.

To learn more about choosing the best strategies and building a superb ad strategy for your brand, contact us today and our team will be glad to help.

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