What Is A Landing Page? How Does It Work With a Website (Used Main Purpose)

on Blog May 21st, 2020

The world of marketing is full of trials and errors. A marketing strategy that works for one business might not work for another. A strategy that is currently used will need to be upgraded or entirely replaced in the future.

Oftentimes, relying on one form of marketing is not enough. A combination of tools is needed to propel a business towards success. In a world filled with endless options, however, where does one even begin?

Having a landing page is one way to convert customers into leads. It is a marketing tool trusted by successful businesses. If your business does not have a landing page yet, read on to find out if you need one.


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page where you “land” or end up. You are lead to it by an ad or a link. It is a stand-alone page, and its content varies depending on a company’s goal.

For instance, you are watching a Youtube video. An ad on beating the habit of procrastination pops up, and you decide to click it. It directs you to a page that offers a free e-book on procrastination in exchange for your e-mail.

You can also bring yourself to a landing page. There are links you click that lead you to it. These links are found in your chat messages, e-mails, and search results in search engines.

You will notice that a landing page is straightforward. It may simply ask you to subscribe to a newsletter, ask for your information in exchange for a free product or service, or lead you to another page.

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What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Anyone can use a landing page as a marketing tool. It promotes products or services in a specific way to convert a visitor into a customer. Below are some tips for making a great landing page.

Less is More

Fuel interest by keeping your content to a minimum. A landing page that is loaded with content can overwhelm visitors. Once overwhelmed, the chances of conversion are slimmer.

Speak your Target Market’s Language

There is nothing worse than nurturing a prospect, only to find out, later on, he is not your target market.

Learn your audience’s language. Build your landing page around it. It will help you filter your visitors.

Be Direct

Misleading content wastes everybody’s time. Be direct about what you are asking for and what your visitors will get in return. Your reputation will thank you later.

Make them Feel Comfortable

Asking too much information from your visitors can make them aloof. It is the same as meeting someone for the first time. If you ask too many questions, it can push the person away.

Getting to know someone requires patience and trust. Once they feel comfortable, they will tell you more. The same applies to leads. If you want to get more out of them, you should make them feel comfortable.

Keep Up to Date

Monitor your landing page’s effectiveness on a regular basis. If it fails to convert customers, figure out what needs improvement. If its conversion rate has lowered, it might be time to change it.

Stay on top of your game by keeping up to date through consistent website maintenance.

Create an Impressive Landing Page

We can help you create an effective landing page to help boost your business. Convert more visitors into your customers. Get started today.

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