Social Media Marketing

Everyone does social media, right? Before you decide to work with a social media company, be sure to inquire how they intend to bring about conversions through social mediums. Fannit Social Media marketing process starts by reverse engineering your profit goals then incorporates the necessary processes that will yield conversions. Remember, a real marketing campaign is trackable for the purpose of scaling ability.

How We Pinpoint Your Target Market Through Social Media

social media marketingSocial Media is not necessarily the starting point of good content for your company. Good content should start on your website. Social mediums like facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit, and others can help your company connect with other bloggers (who have a large customer base) as well as specific customers who are looking for your products and services. The goal is to build the size of your customer pool, or “tribe”, to increase the amount of referrals coming to your website.

Why Social Media Optimization is So Effective

The difference between a customer referral from person to person and search engine to person is vast. The goal of social media optimization is to make happy customers by creating fantastic content, products, and services. While SEO can capture your target market at the search engine, you’re still relying on both innate trust of the Google search engine and the effectiveness of your message to capture a customer. Referral’s from one person to another person pre-qualify your target market before they even search for your business to a much greater degree.

  • Social Media Increases Referrals and Top of Mind Awareness – Help define the need for your target market by creating unique, creative content that will help them understand why they should convert with your product or service.
  • Understand What Your Customers Want – Engaging in Social Media will help you refine your content to what your customers want. Define what your customers want, and you’ll be able to create the right content, products, or services to get them to take action through your website.

Learn more about how you can connect with your customers through a unique social media marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing is a way for you to connect and become involved with past, present, and potential customers. It presents an opportunity for you to form relationships with people inside of a specific industry, sharing your own expertise and services with those who are already interested. This engagement is vital for building an audience, a solid online presence, and increased traffic to your homepage.

Marketing your business through social media is fundamental. Audience awareness of your entire brand is heavily affected by online involvement which provides your site with relevance within industry-related communities. In the end, utilizing social media is effectively creating a “human” source with which your customers can connect.

What We Do

The goal of SMM services is to establish your business as an industry leader online, thereby increasing traffic and referrals. Our method of achieving this includes actual involvement in communities across the web, such as personal engagement with customers and legitimate interest in other bloggers and businesses.

Official Facebook pages are a great way to reach large amounts of information-seeking consumers. Regular updates about your business and the overall industry keep fans engaged and interested in what you have to say. Similarly, blog promotion is often effective on Facebook, especially since the readers are already in an industry mindset when visiting your page. Interaction with Facebook groups is a primary way we find preexisting communities and become involved.

Concise, easy, and modern, Twitter is one of the finest outlets for fast information. As a result, it is an effective method for building a reliable readership base. Content can be linked in short, pithy statements which caters to the modern attention span (that is, a short one).

Google+ is a solid source for quality interaction. As with Twitter and Facebook, it is a decent outlet for content promotion and a potential source of increased site traffic. Because Google itself created and controls this network, great value is passed by using it consistently and wisely. Expanding Circles and sharing knowledge with the community is extremely valuable to any site.

…and beyond.
Your business will also be introduced to content specific sites such as and Pinterest, where unique pieces can be viewed by vast audiences. The linking opportunity here is huge, with many consumers and bloggers browsing online for the sole purpose of image use.

By analyzing each aspect of these social networks, our team can connect your business with the online world in a friendly and professional way. We will work with you to build an ideal network, spending the time necessary to construct a trustworthy relationship with engaged communities. Connecting with leaders, bloggers, readers, and customers is a feasible goal through social media marketing. Contact us today to learn more about building your own audience.

Get a free consultation with fannit by contacting us here or calling us at 425.359.7989