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Tony Lael - Inbound Marketing Strategist

Hi, I'm Tony Lael, Your Client Advocate and Marketing Strategist.

A lot of Marketing Managers or Executives I talk to are trying to get their company to grow through Inbound, but often experience the exact same roadblocks that inhibit growth.

You probably already know that inbound marketing is helping B2B companies increase their leads by 84% on average, making Inbound the most effective means of capturing new clients for your business today... so, the question is...

What do you do now?

The Fannit Inbound Marketing team helps me connect with my target market in a personal way through web design and content that has increased the right type of leads coming in by 125% to our Managed Service Provider's Pipeline.
Scott Hamlin - CEO, PacketDrivers IT Outsourcing

We'll help you Optimize Your Sales Pipeline

Inbound Marketing - Attract


It all starts with your website. Great website designs engender trust. SEO/SEM with the right content attracts the right visitors.
Inbound Marketing - Convert


Converting traffic into qualified leads is about providing contextually relevant content at the right place in the buyer's journey for your prospects.

Inbound Marketing - Close


If you can attract the right type of buyers and move them to the bottom of your funnel with contextual content, it makes it easier to close more of the right type of business.

Inbound Marketing - Delight


Marketing doesn't stop once you close the sale. Clients want to know they've made a good decision - we keep adding value with content marketing & lifecycle management.


Sidekick is an add-on tool we use in conjuction with marketing automation software. It notifies you via your desktop or mobile device that your e-mail or content is, or has been, viewed, and who viewed what.

This tool is perfect for enabling your sales team to have an educated conversation with a prospect about topics they've been looking at, or downloaded on your website.

Imagine your sales team having the ability to see when their e-mails are opened, when your website content is being looked at or downloaded, and what that content was exactly.

With Sidekick you'll be able to determine exactly where your prospect has moved in the funnel and target them accordingly with the right communication.

Sidekick is a must have communication enablement tool for the close and marketing process. 


Accountable marketing is marketing with measurable results.

While interruption marketing was acceptable in the past, people now expect companies to target messages to them based upon their current interest and feel it's rather rude if you do not target them with the right content that matches their search intent. 

This is where smart analytics systems like Hubspot will make your brand shine with client opportunities.

Using direct messages through e-mails, landing pages, and blog content, you can test and iterate content to best match your target market's intended searches so that you can delight them through the buyers journey. 


Hubspot now comes out of the box with a powerful CRM that will help you organize the marketing/sales handshake.

Great sales teams of today rely on not just an organized pipeline system, but on a system that will help them communicate with opporutnities to draw them closer to conversion at every step of the buyers journey. 

Hubspot combines both the powerful marketing metrics it's always given with the new Hubspot CRM, which gives business a truly all inclusive solution to their pipeline and sales optimization. 

We use both Hubspot and other popular CRM's to give our clients the edge they need to fill up their pipeline and close more leads. 

Call To Action

A "call to action" is simply graphics or text that asks a person to convert on an offer or product.

Aligning your CTA's to the right content begins with understanding "change drivers" (asking people to take the next step that will drive them down the funnel of the buyer's journey).

The second step to creating a great "CTA" requires testing its effect upon readers. Is it working to drive more of the right actions from readers? This process is another step of conversion rate optmization that allows us to better tailor "CTA's" to your readers. 

In the attract phase we use CTA's that will help people who are browsing (in the learn more phase). In the convert phase we create CTA's that are focused on people comparing products or services. In the close stage we use CTA's that ask people to do business with you. Each CTA should be aligned within the context of the content it is placed in. 

Landing Page

Landing pages are the doorways to achieving a micro or macro conversion with your target personas.

There's no limit to the amount of landing pages that can be created for your website. Landing page development is determined by the goals of the marketing campaign and the metrics that influence us to capitalize on the highest converting content. 

We are able to test mulltiple landing page offers with marketing automation software which gives us the ability to quickly iterate towards content that delights your target market. 

Most websites miss out on the opportunity micro conversions provide because they don't supply free offers to traffic on their website. These micro conversions are key to the delight process and warm pre-qualified opportunities up for the final sale. 


Email is not just a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Email is a powerful tool - especially when combined with insightful metrics that inform strategic workflows designed to automatically answer questions your readers have about your service offerings. 

This type of communication makes it easy to move all of your leads and contacts further down the buyer's journey as needed. This is the key to casting a wider sales net with your existing traffic and delighting them through each phase of their buyer's journey.

Businesses not taking advantage of lost leads or micro conversions do so because they are primarily focused with communication that only occurs at the bottom of the buyers journey in the "close" phase.

Expanding your marketing communication will dramatically increase the control you have of your sales pipeline. 


Content marketing is the foundation to Inbound Marketing.

It allows you to keep your brand fresh - both for humans and search engines - while meeting the needs of the humans who need your product or service.

Fantastic content reaches people where they are at in their journey and addresses their pain points. We deep dive with each of our clients to understand both their target persona as well as the buyer's journey. From this foundation, the right type of content can be created and a strategy can be implemented.

Great content creates human interaction and ultimately assists in the closing process for your online visitors. We use hubspot metrics to discover what content is, or will, serve best in that journey and then optimize that content through conversion rate optmization to provide you with higher qualified leads.


Having the right CMS, or content management system, allows you to utilize your website to its full strength.

Whether it's Wordpress or the Hubspot CMS, these systems are the backbone of content production. Discovering what CMS works best for you is a part of our growth driven web design discovery process.

We help our clients understand how each system works, and set them up to meet the demands of lead generation and business growth for their business.

One of the biggest advantages of the Fannit CMS or Hubspot COS systems is the ability to manage your website from our unique front-end editing system. This makes it easy for us and our clients to update their website without having to worry about running into blockers over smaller changes with the development team.


For local and national brands, Social Media has to be managed in a way that makes the most sense for a company - and tied to specific goals.

Because of this, lead generation and branding each require different strategies.

The key to Social Media Marketing is the development of high quality content that's accountable to a measurable campaign. Great content and great promotion make content work for you in a way that will dynamically affect your brand's reputation and lead volume.

We help our clients tie their social media strategy to clear goals, and execute on strategies that are accountable to sales metrics. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful way to attract organic traffic through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We use a proven 5 step process with our SEO strategy that allows us to consistently deliver high quality search engine ranking results to our client's. 

It's important to understand that not all SEO services are the same. There are many different styles of SEO that may, or may not, fall in line with your business goals.

We've taken everything we've learned over the last several years and condensed it into 5 of the most effective steps every company should take with their SEO. This includes best practices for on-site SEO, content, your local Google listing being properly setup, your local citations being properly filled out and optimized, and a strong link development campaign. 

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