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IT Marketing is hard when you’re dealing with a high average sale price and long sales cycles in a very competitive industry. However, because of these very same reasons, IT inbound marketing and IT SEO services are the perfect matches for your IT firm – see (IT case study).

Taking your IT firm to the next level with proven inbound principles will not only drive qualified leads, but also build the IT marketing machine you need to continue growing your tech business.

Inbound marketing principles aren’t complicated, but you have to know how to attract, convert, close, and delight customers in order for your plan to work. We specialize in providing IT marketing services include IT SEO and content marketing, so we understand what these companies need to succeed.

What is IT Marketing?

In its simplest form, IT marketing is the name given to the strategies put in place by information technology companies to attract new clients.

Today, consumers and companies alike turn to the internet to find products and service providers, which presents a great marketing opportunity for B2B firms. Through IT marketing, you can attract potential customers, show them how knowledgeable you are, transform them into paying customers, and build trusting relationships that keep them happy with your firm.

At Fannit, we create IT digital marketing strategies that allow firms to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry. Competition is fierce in this space, so a solid B2B marketing plan should not only focus on lead generation but also ensure that current clients remain happy. Which, in turn, will keep satisfaction metrics high while keeping churn to a minimum.

We tailor our approach to each client’s specific goals and audience, but we take a four-step approach that creates a sustainable business ecosystem.


During the first stage of our content marketing process, we focus on bringing relevant visitors to your website. For this step, we also have to define your target audience, which we will use to craft content that attracts more visitors. The content we produce often comes in the form of blogs, which serve marketing purposes like:

  • Proving your expertise in the field, which gives customers confidence
  • Improve your IT SEO rankings
  • Curate a vast list of resources that you will use for lead generation later on


Once we have the ability to consistently attract potential customers, our focus turns into converting these users into qualified leads. The qualification process varies depending on your business’ requirements, but the process is similar for most companies.

By providing quality marketing content in the form of downloadable materials, like an ebook that’s accompanied by a blog post, we can collect contact details from visitors.

Once the contact information is collected, we deploy email campaigns, marketing automation, and other tools that move potential leads down the sales funnel until they’re ready to call you up. Your sales department can then use the information to follow up later on and get in touch with potential users who have shown an interest in your services.


Now, for the most important part – turning leads into paying customers. This is where we send prepared leads to the sales team, but it’s the process is more complicated than it sounds. The hand-off is crucial for the success of your entire content marketing and IT digital marketing campaigns.

As part of your IT marketing strategy, we work with the sales team to create a seamless process through which we’ll drive leads that result in subscriptions by paying customers.


Unlike other businesses, IT companies make most of their revenue after the initial payment. Generally speaking, customers that remain the longest are the most profitable, so keeping customers happy should be one of your main priorities.

After the sale is complete, we also work to ensure that your clients are satisfied with your services and are happy to continue or even upgrade their subscriptions. Our goal is to turn your best clients into your biggest fans and have them review your products through customer satisfaction marketing.

Common IT Marketing Challenges Firms Face

Information technology firms face a variety of different challenges when crafting their IT marketing strategy. In addition to lead generation, a solid IT B2B marketing strategy has to verify that clients have a good experience after purchasing your services.

However, many IT firms fail to get to these stages simply because their IT digital marketing strategy doesn’t take off.

Some of the most common setbacks for your content marketing plans include:

Attracting Relevant Visitors

This part is challenging for all companies, let alone businesses in the competitive field of information technology. Through modern marketing tactics, our team can help you create better content and attract more visitors to your site.

We don’t simply focus on bringing random visitors to your website. Our IT marketing services revolve around identifying your potential customers, studying their interests, and creating content that they find valuable.

Transforming Prospects Into Qualified Leads

IT firms that already have their audience’s attention can also find it difficult to transform viewers into leads. Business owners and decision-makers are much more hesitant than consumers when it comes to giving up contact information, os your B2B marketing plan should find a way around this.

In our experience, the best way to convince B2B users to provide their details is to produce new, exceptional content that offers value without solely focusing on your services. You can exchange these resources and get contact information in return, thus turning a visitor into a lead.

Inability to Produce Positive ROI

One of the benefits of modern IT marketing tactics is that they allow you to track your investments and figure out how profitable your campaign is. However, this is when many companies realize they have been posting a negative return on investment (ROI).

Achieving a positive ROI requires a combination of elements including a robust strategy and frequent optimization. A marketing agency like Fannit can help you develop a comprehensive plan that includes content creation, social media campaigns, and other methods that help you attain a positive ROI.

What is an IT Marketing Agency?

An IT marketing agency can help promote your business through the most effective channels in order to generate more leads and sales. IT marketing agencies who provide support for IT firms can help develop a strategy and ensure that your potential customers are able to find your services online.

At Fannit, we use content marketing to help IT firms get more clients through their website content, social media profiles, and other IT digital marketing channels. We specialize in developing modern IT marketing techniques that help promote your services in a measurable way, which in turn allows for the optimization of your content and overall strategy.

Our team can help with any IT marketing jobs that need to be completed and ensure that all the content produced meets your quality standards.

Benefits of Working with an IT Marketing Specialist

By working with an IT marketing agency, you can relieve a huge amount of pressure from your internal team, consistently produce new content, distribute your resources through social media, and start collecting leads through your digital channels.

Additionally, the advantages of working with a marketing agency include:

Learn More About Your Target Audience

Creating an IT digital marketing plan is a step-by-step approach that involves the completion of smaller marketing IT jobs. Before developing your content marketing plan, you need to learn as much as you can about your target audience and create buyer personas that will guide the rest of the process.

Even if you already have a good idea of who your ideal clients are, taking the time to study their online patterns can relieve new information that allows you to produce better content.

Create Attractive Content

If you choose to work with an IT SEO agency, you’ll always have new content on your website, blog, and other online platforms.

Producing new, valuable content on a regular basis has multiple benefits. For starters, this practice will help cement your status as one of the most knowledgeable IT companies out there. You’ll also have a chance to develop advanced marketing materials like ebooks and distribute these resources through social media.

Open Effective Communication Channels

Working with an IT digital marketing agency has a more profound effect than simply promoting your services. Your marketing strategy should also include the development and deployment of website forms, professional social media profiles, and other similar platforms, if they aren’t already in place. This opens up new communication channels and makes your company more available to your B2B clients.

Increase Traffic Volume and Quality

Most IT business owners want to get more traffic on their website in order to boost their exposure and rake in more business. Instead of dedicating your resources into learning about how to market your services, our team can take do the heavy marketing lifting and let you focus on what you do best.

Our marketing for IT solutions are designed to boost the number of visitors while ensuring that it only attracts relevant users to your site.

Generate Leads and Close Sales

The main goal of most marketing plans is to bring in more leads and transform them into sales. If you work with a firm that has experience with marketing for IT, you’ll be able to build a sustainable plan that gradually boosts the performance of your site and produces long-term results.

We Help Your IT Marketing And Sales Machine Operate More Effectively

Areas we focus on to build a better marketing machine are:

  • Sales and revenue goals
  • Marketing, BDR, Sales and Account Management resource needs
  • Awareness, lead generation and sales enablement strategies
  • Inbound marketing strategies
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing automation and CRM set up and support
  • Sales, BDR and Account Team incentive compensation
  • Sales pipeline analytics
  • Reviews and satisfaction marketing

If you’re ready to take the next step and give your IT marketing plan breath of fresh air, get in touch with Fannit and we’ll be glad to help.

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